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Eagles Athletics

Freedom High School (South Riding)


Eagles Athletics

Freedom High School (South Riding)

Eagles Athletics

Freedom High School (South Riding)



Ticket Information

Info for Parents and Tickets

Tickets will be on sale a few days before the event, allowing ONE ticket per participant per game.  Click the link below to access Freedom Games (favorite for future reference, away games will be listed under the home school).  Present the digital ticket when you arrive to the event.  JV spectators will NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE EVENT UNTIL WE HAVE CLEARED THE 9TH GRADE SPECTATORS, this is also the case for Varsity spectators waiting for JV game to end.  IF IT IS AN AWAY GAME VISIT THE HOME SITE!!

 Link to access Freedom Ticket Spicket: 

Other schools: (use these for away events)

LCPS district site: 

Broad Run: 





Loudoun Co: 

Loudoun Valley: 

Park View: 


Briar Woods: 

John Champe: 

Potomac Falls: 


Rock Ridge: 

Stone Bridge: 


Away games:  Search for the school hosting the event!!

Please check with your coach for the Code for each event. 

Each spectator will fill out a health screening before entering the event by filling out just prior to arriving using the link ( )

Please make sure to follow social distancing guidelines and per LCPS you must have a mask on throughout the event.

To ensure social distancing in the stands please sit on a designated dot in the bleachers.

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