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Eagles Athletics

Freedom High School (South Riding)


Eagles Athletics

Freedom High School (South Riding)

Eagles Athletics

Freedom High School (South Riding)

Team News.

Team News

5 months ago @ 2:23PM

Last Day of Indoor Track Tryouts

Make up date and time for Tryouts will be, Friday, December 18, at 4:45p

Team News

5 months ago @ 3:08PM

2020 Indoor Track & Field Tryout Schedule and Important Tryout Information

2020 Indoor Track & Field Tryout Schedule

Before Tryouts start, make sure you can create your ATS account for Daily Health Verification and COVID-19 Screening. Click here for instructions on how to make your account



Date and Time

9th  Grade Girls

3) Monday, December 14, 5:30PM

9th  Grade Boys

4) Tuesday, December 15, 4:45 PM

10th  Grade Girls

3) Monday, December 14, 5:30PM

10th  Grade Boys

4) Tuesday, December 15, 4:45PM

11th  Grade Girls

1) Monday, December 14, 7:00AM

11th  Grade Boys

2) Monday, December 14, 4:10PM

12th  Grade Girls

1) Monday, December 14, 7:00AM

12th  Grade Boys

2) Monday, December 14, 4:10PM

**Wednesday's Tryout date (12/16) will be for athletes who missed their Tryout date and for athletes who may need a second evaluation.

2020 Indoor Track & Field Tryout Information

Read and understand everything before coming to Tryouts.

  1. ARRIVE EARLY: Athletes are expected to arrive no later than 10 minutes before the start of their Tryout Time.


  1. Before Arriving to Tryouts: Fill out the Daily Health Verification form (Instructions to make account)


  1. Upon Arrival: Drive to the parking lot next to the bus loop (not the bus loop) and line your vehicle up along the curb; stay in your vehicle until a coach has directed you otherwise. Parents/drivers should not leave until their athlete is clear to participate.


  1. Athletes will be allowed to participate if the following criteria is met:
    1. Body Temperature is below the allowable limit
    3. Have a water bottle (at least 22 oz)
    4. Wearing a face mask
    5. Have answered NO to the questions on your completed the Daily Health Verification Form.


5. Optional: It’s also a good idea to bring: Large plastic trash bag, a Ziploc bag, an extra face mask, and personal hand sanitizer.


6. Entrance into the stadium

  1. Athletes will enter the back door of the bathroom of the Freedom stadium (max: 2 at a time) to wash their hands, then exit the front door of the bathroom into the stadium.
  2. Athletes will quickly move to the football field and stand next to an unoccupied cone.
    1. That cone will be your cone for the entirety of the practice, so place your belongings at the cone and begin static stretching in place.
  3. Once everyone has arrived, then athletes will be address by the coaches, after receiving instructions from the coaches then athletes will be released to warm-up for the tryout events.



*If the feels-like temperature is under 70 Degrees, then athletes must wear layers of clothing, such as jackets, sweatshirts, gloves, and hats. Failure to comply will result in dismissal from practice or tryout.


Tryout Evaluations



7. Warm-ups (~30 minutes)

    1. Keep this in mind as you practice and prepare your 30-minute warm-up routine for Tryouts.
  2. After warm-ups are complete athletes will be sent to their first event area.
  1. Procedures for Tryout out Events
  1. Mask must stay on, unless you are competing (not waiting to compete, but in the circle to throw or on the start line)
  2. After the event is complete, face mask must be put back on and athletes must immediately go to their next event.
  3. While waiting for an event to start athletes must remain 6’ feet apart from other athletes.
  4. Once your last event is complete: Put your mask on, Wash your hands, and GO HOME!

9. Tryout Events- Athletes must compete in all 4 Tryout events, unless designated as Throws Only, then you will only need to compete in Shot Put and 2 additional events. If you designate yourself as a Long- Distance Runner Only then you do not have to attempt Shot Put.

A= 100m dash (4 athletes/ race)

B= Shot Put (3 attempts)

C= Standing Long Jump (3 attempts)

D= 800m run (6 athletes/ race)

  1. Event Order- At the beginning of practice, before Warm-ups, athletes will be assigned a Tryout Group, and will remain in that Tryout Group until their Tryout day is complete.

Group 1: D, C, B, A

Group 2: D, B, C, A

Group 3: B, D, C, A

Group 4: C, D, B, A


  1. Automatic Qualifying Times & Distances for Underclassmen.

Juniors & Seniors are expected to be competing at or near the Regional Qualifying times and distances.

A.   100m dash (g: :14.99) (b: :13.49)

B.   Shot Put     (g: 20’)  (b: 30’)

C.   SLJ               (g: 6’9”) (b: 8’ 0”)

D.   800m run   (g: 3:19.99) (b: 2:38.99)

Note: Not meeting a qualifying time or distance does not automatically disqualify you from making the team, the totality of your Tryout evaluations will also be taken into consideration before the final team selection.


  1. Team Selection- Athletes will receive an email to their school account, notifying them whether they were select to be on this year’s team. Athletes who did not make the team on their first try will be given a second opportunity on Wednesday, December 16, to reattempt the events.

Expect the email from Coach Kitchens no later than 16 hours after your Tryout has ended.


  1. Golden Eagle Award- Based on rankings throughout all four Tryout events. The girl and boy with the best/lowest score will win the Golden Eagle Award for this year’s Tryouts.


  1. If you cannot make your Tryout date and/or time, email Coach Kitchens to reschedule.
    Team News

    6 months ago @ 11:59AM

    2020-21 Indoor Track and Field Interest Meeting Nov. 13

    Indoor Track and Field will host an interest meeting on Friday, November 13, 2020, at 4:15PM via Google Meet. Please join the Indoor Track & Field Pre-Season Group for the Google Meet link to the meeting. At this meeting you will learn about tryout details, conditioning, and the upcoming season.

    FHS Indoor Track & Field Pre-Season Schoology Group access code: THTC-H9VK-CSHVS

    If you have any questions/concerns, please reach out to Coach Kitchens via email at

Team News

6 months ago @ 11:07AM

Pre-Season Short-Distance Runners' Conditioning is Back!!!

Pre-Season Conditioning is Back!!!

However, conditioning practices will be limited to small groups this off-season due to new safety protocol and COVID-19 precautions. The first 40 athletes interested in running to sign-up (HERE) will be slotted for 1 day per week of Track & Field conditioning on the Freedom campus, this will be a max of 10 athletes/workout. This off-season, Conditioning will be a combination of in-person practice and an online guided workout plan. So, do not worry if you could not sign up in time to participate in the in-person Pre-Season Conditioning practices, because we will have easy-to-follow plans on our team’s Pre-season Schoology page.

When you've been selected to participate in Pre-Season Conditioning, you will receive an email with the date, time, and guidelines for your first practice. If you have any questions/concerns, please reach out to Coach Kitchens via email at

Athletes interested in Throwing events, contact Coach Alcorn via email at charles.alcorn@lcps,org

Conditioning Sign-Up:

FHS Indoor Track & Field Pre-Season Schoology Group, access code: THTC-H9VK-CSHVS

NOTICE: To participate in the Pre-season and/or Regular season you MUST have all required athletic paperwork completed. Check here for details:

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