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Eagles Athletics

Freedom High School (South Riding)


Eagles Athletics

Freedom High School (South Riding)

Eagles Athletics

Freedom High School (South Riding)

Team News.

Team News

9 months ago @ 9:13AM by Warren Danzenbaker

Boys Lacrosse Tryout/Practice Information

Tryouts for Boys Lacrosse will start on Monday, February 24th. The JV & Varsity Teams will practice at different times and locations the first few weeks. The below listed schedule is when the Grass Fields are “open”. There is a large matrix chart for practice plans when the grass fields are closed. Players should always be prepared to practice inside & outside everyday.  

There is rain in the forecast for Monday - Wednesday, so our practice schedule & location will likely be impacted.  Updates will be provided here, and through the TeamAPP.  Players need to be prepared for both indoor and outdoor practices this week.

All players must have their online paperwork & Physical submitted to the Athletic Department to be eligible to tryout.

JV Boys Lacrosse Schedule
4:20pm – 6:20pm (Monday – Friday) on the Caged Field
TBD (Saturday Practice)

Varsity Boys Lacrosse Schedule
6:30pm – 9pm (Monday – Friday) in the Stadium
8am – 10:30am (Saturday) – Caged Field

  • Varsity Cuts will be on Wednesday (2/26) after practice
  • JV Team will be finalized on Thursday (2/27) after practice 
  • Until the Lockers are assigned (Thursday, 2/27) players can store their equipment in the wrestling room along the wall. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE IT IN THE ATHLETIC HALLWAYS!
  • Players are required to have available everyday: Running/Athletic Shoes, Cleats, Shorts, T-Shirt, Sweatpants/Full Length Leggings, Sweatshirt/LS Shirt, Athletic Cup, Mouthpiece.

Team News

10 months ago @ 7:17AM by Warren Danzenbaker

Boys Lacrosse - Player Interest Meeting (Feb.10th @ 4:15pm)

There will be a mandatory meeting for all student-athletes that are planning on or interested in trying out for the Boys Lacrosse Team this Spring at 4:15pm in the Library. The coaches will be discussing tryouts, evaluations, changes within the program for years past, program and player expectations, and check players Athletic Paperwork & Registration.

Those Student-Athletes who play a winter sport and have practice are excused from the mandatory meeting if it interferes with their practice or game schedule. 

Team News

1 year ago @ 10:42AM by Warren Danzenbaker

Boys Lacrosse - Winter Practice Schedule

Listed below are the practice dates, time & location for the WINTER PRACTICES for the boys lacrosse program.  All returning players and those interested in trying out in the Spring are encouraged to attend. 

  • Players who need to check-out equipment to participate should contact Coach Danzenbaker (
  • Players should be prepared for full pads at practice each week (Helmet, Gloves, Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Athletic Cup & Mouthpiece).  
  • All equipment and practice bags will be stored in the Wrestling Room.  Please DO NOT Take your equipment to the Front Office.
  • Players should always have appropriate cold-weather clothing (long sleeve shirts/sweatshirt, sweatpants) for every practice
  • Players will have access to the Athletic Locker Room to shower and prepare for the School Day after any morning practice.
  • Players should bring water to practice.

We encourage our players/parents to add these practices to their families calendar so they can be available to practice 1X a week with the coaches and their teammates. We purposely schedule practices on the same date and time to provide the athletes with a consistency so they can schedule other commitments (clubs, job, and family activities)

12/4 (Wed) – Stadium Turf @ 4:30pm-6:30pm
12/11 (Wed) – Stadium Turf @ 4:30pm-6:30pm
12/18 (Wed) – Stadium Turf @ 4:30pm-6:30pm
1/8 (Wed) – Stadium Turf @ 4:30pm-6:30pm
1/15 (Wed) – Stadium Turf @ 4:30pm-6:30pm
1/22 (Wed) – Stadium Turf @ 4:30pm-6:30pm
1/29 (Wed) – Stadium Turf @ 4:30pm-6:30pm
2/5 (Wed) – Stadium Turf @ 4:30pm-6:30pm
2/12 (Wed) – Stadium Turf @ 4:30pm-6:30pm
2/19 (Wed) – Stadium Turf @ 4:30pm-6:30pm

12/13 (Fri) – Stadium Turf @ 6:45am – 8:15am
12/20 (Fri) – Stadium Turf @ 6:45am – 8:15am

1/6 (Monday) – MAIN GYM 6:45am – 8:15am – FACE-OFF PRACTICE
1/17 (Friday) – AUX GYM 6:45am – 8:15am – FACE-OFF PRACTICE
1/31 (Friday) – MAIN GYM 6:45am – 8:15am – VARSITY TEAM PRACTICE
2/7 (Friday) – MAIN GYM 6:45am – 8:15am – VARSITY TEAM PRACTICE

**VARSITY TEAM PRACTICE – For returning VARSITY Players and those who plan on trying out for Varsity.

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